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Don't Settle For Another Ordinary Meal

Make it special at our chicken wing restaurant in Buffalo, NY

Have you been craving wings lately? Don't waste your time on store-bought wings from the microwave. Stop by Solo Eats in Buffalo, NY. Our wings are made with tried-and-true recipes and accompanied by delicious sauces. And we have more than wings. You can indulge in our tempting selection of pizzas, seafood, hamburgers, tacos and subs.

Contact our chicken wing restaurant today to learn more about our menu.

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Enjoy a fish dinner done right

There's more to a memorable fish dinner than just battered fish and French fires. If you're looking for a fried seafood restaurant that does filets right, look no further. Our fish is seasoned to perfection, and you can get a side of green beans, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese or potato salad to round out your meal.

Want to place a to-go order? Call our fried seafood restaurant at (716) 886-7656 now.

Make your next family meal a delicious one

We understand how hard it can be to get your whole family to agree on a place to eat. Everyone will find something to love at Solo Eats. Our chicken wing restaurant should be your family's dinner destination because:

We insist on fresh, quality ingredients

We've been serving great food for over 20 years

Our staff is friendly and efficient

Ready to discover your new favorite comfort food restaurant? Plan a visit to our restaurant today.